Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hands on Play Challenge

I am so grateful for my son and wish to cherish every moment I can with him. So... I am putting myself up to the challenge. Will you join us?
What is 30 Days to Hands on Play?
A 30 day challenge to inspire you to play (at least) 15 minutes with your child (with no interruptions).
To become more involved with them.
To introduce yourself and your child to new play ideas!

Here is my "Mission Statement" for this challenge:

"I hope to play and explore new and exciting things with my little guy while giving him my undivided attention. I want to get down on my little guys level... and stay there for as long as I can! I want to have fun and enjoy his perfect smiles and effervescent giggles


little c loves:
-spinning any kind of wheel/ anything with wheels
-playing with daddy's guitar
-dogs (observing them, pictures of them, trying to pet them, etc.) He just gets so excited when he sees a dog!

It's so nice to be a part of a collaboration of playful moms!

[little c is 11 months old today]


  1. This is perfect! I'm excited for you! The forum will be very helpful in getting ideas or to find ways to adjust each days activity for his age, as well as interests!

    It is so nice to be a part of so many other like-minded moms that want to spend this quality time with their kids! I'm excited to what this month will turn into!