Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 13: Sticky Art

Step one: Set up contact paper on our sliding glass door with masking tape while litte c was taking a nap. (surprisingly simple)
Step two: Sit next to the "sticky window" when he awoke and played with a few toys for a minute. 
Step three: Little c noticed the change on the glass and crawled over.
Step four: Sticky exploration! 

He didn't seem too interested in the contact paper. He felt it for a few minutes then moved on.

I set up a small basket of nic-nacs by the window wondering if he might make the connection to try and stick something on the contact paper. No go.

Knowing that he enjoys emptying containers and pulling papers out of my school folders I thought he would be interested in taking things off of the contact paper. So I stuck the nic-nacs on myself...

He immediately took all of the pieces of paper towel tubes off. Then he lost interest.

I had more fun setting up the stuff than he did playing with it. We will try it again, maybe a little differently next time.

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