Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 11: Outdoor Adventure

We took a trip to the park! 
Grass, sand, wood chips, a swing and a clear sky are a great recipe for playing on Day 11. 

I didn't take many pictures. We were too busy exploring and making new friends.

Little c looved the swing so much!  

On a bit of a deeper note: We did get outdoors for this challenge, but I really wish we could explore a more 'natural' outdoors. We live in an overly populated area... not much nature around. We have a handful of parks, but they are all man made with pavement, structures, and a scarce amount of trees, etc. I want little c to be able to have a connection with nature. I want him to be able to enjoy and respect his environment. I am trying my best to find spots in our area that he can explore. I know they're out there...

Anyone else have a similar situation?
Any ideas on exploring the natural world with a young child?

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