Friday, October 21, 2011

Sensory: Exploring Water Beads

Our first time exploring water beads!
I put them in a bowl and set it on the floor. Little c crawled right over to investigate, stuck his hand right in and began to squish away.
I found clear ones at the Dollar Tree near my house. Here's an expliation of what they are. They are so fun. I ended up adding a drop of orange food coloring to see what would happen. Little c lost interest, but the beads did absorb the color.  

Did he put them in his mouth? No. I make sure when we explore materials that have small parts/pieces that he has my full attention. It's also about timing. I have noticed that our sensory experiences are most successful after little c has nursed, had his solid lunch, and had his teeth brushed (this helps especially if he's teething). He seems less tempted to put things in his mouth. (You know your baby best, be aware of when she/he seems most comfortable with the activity.) If he seems to want to put the materials in his mouth I put them away and try it again at another time.

 I like their answer to the question "How do you keep children from putting things in their mouth?" over at Play at Home Mom.


Would you/have you explored water beads with your little one?

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