Monday, October 17, 2011

Sensory Exploration: A little dirt never hurt.

I accidentally knocked over one of my houseplants and little c headed straight for the pile of dirt on the ground! We decided it was a great time to explore the element of earth... then water for a bath. (Maybe next time we'll explore both together. ? ) 

As I sat back and watched, he stuck his chubby little finger into the dirt. Then he stuck his whole left hand in it and began to move the dirt around the floor. He then spent some time examining the dirt on his hand closely. Then he enthusiastically began to pat the dirt with both hands and 'smear' it all over. He crawled in and around the dirt for a bit. After the dirt was scattered he lost interest until I made a small pile of it. He then crawled over and started the process all over again. I made a few more small plies and he stayed focused for another few minutes. When he lost interest we headed for the bath to explore bubbles. 

I believe  in nature. I believe in play. I strongly believe in playing in nature, but sometimes it's hard to explore nature with a little one when you live in an urban setting ... (like we do). This was a perfect way to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside for him to explore.

Next stop mud pies?

How do you exlpore nature with your little one?

[little c is now 10 months] 

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