Sunday, August 14, 2011

Easy Shakers

Make your own rattle/shaker! This is a really simple way to turn recyclables into a music maker.

1. find 2 caps (or try lids for a larger version) the smaller of the two should nestle tightly into the larger one
2. fill the smaller cap about half way with rice (or something similar like beads, sand, etc.) 
3. put the two caps together and shake!

note: I'm sure you could add glue to the outside edge of the smaller cap to attach them  permanently. I didn't because secured mine inside of a fabric square (see below).

I've made a few shakers using different sized caps with various materials inside. I put a few in a basket and little c has a blast taking them out and listening to the different sounds. Turn some music on and  they are great to  use as rhythm shakers!

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